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SendPals is a privately held, angel-funded startup providing the world's first social file sharing service that combines the best aspects of private file sharing with a social networking platform. SendPals allows creators of large files such as hi-res photos, graphic files, videos or other documents to send them both to individuals and to distinct groups.

Service Overview

SendPals provides social file sharing = private file sharing + social networking. Unlike any other file sharing company, SendPals features a social networking user platform that is designed for numerous distinct project teams. And unlike any social networking site, SendPals has been specifically architected to share very large files. With SendPals you can share streams of hi-res photos, videos and other files with groups of friends, class mates or band members. It also helps project managers, event planners and team coaches to organize information and share with their teams. It works for small or large files and across all types of devices.

Data Security

Each file, text, post and transmission between you and SendPals is encrypted with 2048 bit SSL with a 256 bit encryption. Each file access happens through a built-in authentication for the intended verified receiver. Each file access has a built-in expiration time after which access will be denied. All group members are verified before access is granted to any data or files.

Secure Sharing Model for Groups

Every group in SendPals is an independent and isolated collection of people who you can share files and posts with. It is like a private social network. You can be a member of someone else's group, or you can create your own groups for friends, family, teams, bands, societies, organizations and businesses. Each group is completely private: no group member is aware of any of your other groups, their members or that they even exist. Everything you share is private to the group and always will be. You can create groups in which members can't see who else is in the group, or groups where members can only receive from you but can't share back. You can even create folders, where all members can share files with you that no other member can see.

About the Founders

Matt Oberdorfer, Co-founder. Previously Matt started Gear6 (formerly known as EI), now part of Violin Memory. Matt's patented technologies are in the areas of parallel supercomputing and high speed data encryption and compression (partial list: Patent US20040093477, Patent US20090256732 , Patent US20040093390, Patent US7454749.) As CEO Matt of Gear6/EI raised several rounds of venture capital from US Venture Partners and Interwest Partners. Matt also created OEM relationships with IBM, HP, DELL, SGI, and SUN. Gear6/EI was awarded with the "Innovation Quotient Award for Information Technology" and ClusterWorld's "2004 Excellence in Cluster Technology". From 2005 to 2008, Gear6's products and technology enabled caching for the cloud. Horizon Venture joined as an additional venture investor. Gear6 was the winner of the "Eighth Annual eWeek Excellence Award" and of the "2008 Red Herring 100 North America Award." Gear6 was acquired by Violin Memory which went public in 2013 under VMEM.

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Media Contact

We would love to help answer any questions that you might have at media@sendpals.com.